Art Squared / Music Framed Information + Art Entree Labels !

Art Squared
Information & Art Entree Labels !


Available at Opus, Deserres and Blossoms. 

Art Squared Entry Fee
1  – 3 = $15
4 + up = $20 

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There is no entry fee but NWA will charge a 10% commission on any sales.
As for the photographers, Great News!
You now have the option to glue your 12 by 12 photograph to a wooden cradle or, you can go to Blossoms Art Supply Store at 10th Ave and 6th St and buy a 12 x 12 inch black frame for $11.98. The actual size of the picture area is 10 by 10 inches. Only frames from Blossoms will be accepted as NWA wants a consistent photographic presentation. You can mat or not; the actual size of your photographs will be up to you but all photo entries will be priced at $50. Just tell her you are a NWA member. She is also selling 12 x 12 inch 1.5 inch deep canvas frames for $11.98.
Blossoms Framing and Art Supplies. 604-540-8268
A note for those who like to draw and use mixed media;
this is an excellent opportunity to create works on paper on a small scale.