NWA Upcoming Electrical Boxes

NWA is mentioned in The Record for it’s collaboration with the City on upcoming electrical boxes in New Westminster.

For now, the city is working with New West Artists on plans to wrap up some other electrical boxes in artwork.

“We have given them eight boxes to work on as a project,” Magirescu said. “Their members are so excited. It’s a chance for artists to showcase their work. They are trying to come up with some themes.”

The full story can be read here.

NWA Update: April 25, 2012

NWA Art Squared Visual Verse Poster
Poster by Janet Kvammen

All of the information artists need is either on the previous email and or on Janet’s poster.

What is new is that we are going to have several poets read their poems during the opening. We have to work the details out but roughly 3–5 poets will read around 7:15 in The Network Hub.

Also, on the three following Friday nights, the networkhub would like to hold coffee house style poem reading sessions. As usual, details will follow but I think just having poems read at the opening will add to the occasion. If any artist has a painting they would like to donate to the show for a raffle fund raiser, please bring it on Thursday to the drop off.

This Thursday, April 26, at the My Mind Gallery, 42 Begbie Street is an art opening by Tim Nugent. I visited with him today and the opening sounds like it could be quite an interesting event. His show runs until April 31. The opening is from 5 until 9 with an accordion performance around 7 pm.

At least 6 NWA members are going; if you are not doing anything else, come out and socialize. Creating art is one thing; learning how to network and sell your art is another necessary skill.

Also, a reminder that the Arts Council Gallery show, Inspired by Words, closes this Saturday, April 28, with a reception between 1 and 3 pm. Come out and support your fellow NWA members who participated.

With free wine who can resist?

Richard Armstrong
President, NWA