Artist Mini Profiles ~ “Fill in the Blanks with …”

Arts Reporter Julie MacLellan from The Record and Burnaby Now is looking for artists to fill out a small Questionnaire to help elevate our public profiles.

Hi there!

This is really a general message for the New West Artists group, as I am looking for interesting folks from the local arts community who might like to take part in a new feature we’re starting with The Record and Burnaby NOW.

We are starting a new series of mini-profiles, “Fill in the Blanks with …” and talking to folks in the arts communities of New Westminster and Burnaby. I figured there are likely all sorts of interesting artists in your group who deserve to have some press and who might like a chance to raise their profile in the community a little bit, and tell readers about themselves.

Basically, what it involves is someone filling out a mini questionnaire (I’ll attach a PDF and append in the body of the message below) and then arranging to have a photo to go with the profile  – either they can contribute one, if they have a high-quality, high-resolution shot (full-person shot, as opposed to just headshot) that they think would be appropriate, or we could have a photographer meet them for a shot at mutual convenience.

Let me know if any of your members are interested in taking part! (The questions may be interpreted as liberally as you see fit. There’s no right or wrong, and it’s all intended to be pretty light-hearted … unless of course you prefer to get serious, which is just fine too.) It could provide an opportunity to promote the New West Artists group, and also to bring note to any upcoming shows, exhibitions, workshops, projects, etc. that might deserve some press!

I attach the PDF and the questions below. They can be emailed back or even done by old-fashioned pen-and-paper-and-snail-mail if folks prefer. 

No hard deadline, but whenever people can get back to me is great. (Even if just to let me know yay or nay.)

Cheers,  Julie

[email protected]


NWA Upcoming Electrical Boxes

NWA is mentioned in The Record for it’s collaboration with the City on upcoming electrical boxes in New Westminster.

For now, the city is working with New West Artists on plans to wrap up some other electrical boxes in artwork.

“We have given them eight boxes to work on as a project,” Magirescu said. “Their members are so excited. It’s a chance for artists to showcase their work. They are trying to come up with some themes.”

The full story can be read here.

New West News Leader “Perfect Strangers” Interview

Sixty-four Perfect Strangers in New Westminster have been matched together in the name of art.

By Staff Writer – New Westminster News Leader

The New West Artists’ Society has hooked up 32 artists with 32 community members to produce portraits, be they drawings, prints, photographs or sculptures, to be displayed as part of the society’s second annual major showcase at the River Market, Nov. 4–6 Nov. 25–27.

The subjects cover the spectrum of New West society, from Mayor Wayne Wright to a coffee barista.

“Being the subject of an art piece is really intimate,” said Perfect Strangers curator Laura Vladimirova. “It often tells us as much about the artist as it does about the muse. If there is anything I’ve learned from my time here in New West, it’s how warm the artistic community is and how welcoming the people are.”

Some of the pairings include artist Cliff Blank with Burnaby-New Westminster MP Peter Julian, Carolynne Boyer with historians Dale and Archie Miller, and Louise Houle with Wayne Wright.

Vladimirova said the search is also on for a longer-term home for the works.