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nwa financial gift request 2019

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Here’s my gift to NWA.


The New West Artists Society is constantly trying new ways to raise money to pay our rent and utilities, our largest monthly expenses.  Exhibitors’ fees are not enough to cover the rent. Commissions to the gallery are minimal—almost non‑existent, in fact, during January, February, March, and the autumn months.

We are struggling to meet our basic financial obligations and find we must ask for help from the public.  

This is very difficult for us.  We are a non-profit organization, not a charity, so we are not able to issue tax receipts for any gifts of money.

What we can offer in return is our appreciation and your satisfaction that you are supporting the arts in your community.  We will also gladly publish your name (anonymously, if you prefer) on our website and other social media.


If you have an interest in encouraging the growth of our vibrant arts community, please support New West Artists by sending us a gift of money and then sharing the story of your bigheartedness with your network.

Here is my gift to NWA.Here is my gift to NWA.
We know that money can be tight, so please know that even $5 from many people will add up to help NWA keep the gallery doors open. Absolutely 100% of donations will be used to pay our rent, utilities, insurance, and other operating expenses.

We’d like to introduce art to everyone, everywhere. NWA members enjoy an enhanced personal lifestyle because of their creativity and constant exploration of the art world. We can provide a starting point for people to see art, to experience the enjoyment of being with art, and give people an opportunity to purchase pieces to start or enhance their own art collections. 

Won’t you help us, please?

Send an e-transfer to My gift to New West Artists.

Let us know if you have any questions. We’ll be happy to answer them.

To help get the word out, you can share this link to your Facebook Timeline!

BC Society Incorporation No. S0057790
BIN 80023 6119 BC0001

Cat image  by Allange from Pixabay.
Gift image courtesy of Oberholster Venita from Pixabay.
Thank you image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.

Thank you, everyone!